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Daily maintenance

The flax pellets gradually swell into a voluminous bed. The flax bed is kept aerated by regularly raking through some new flax pellets. The new pellets will absorb the surrounding moisture and swell up in turn. This keeps the flax bed aerated so it will dry up faster.

Remove the manure and any wet patches daily.

Add the same quantity of pellets that you remove.

Rake the new pellets in with the old ones so that they can all use their absorbency capacity.

How to use the flax pellets in the stable

Our flax pellets are 100% ecological and due to their high absorbency of 430%, these pellets last much longer! Furthermore, they do not cause soil acidification and dust and are odour-neutral. Read how to use and maintain them below:

Empty the stall completely.

A stable of 9m² requires 10 bags of Expand Pellets.

Cut a cross in the packaging and moisten it with around 7L of water (let it soak in for 20 minutes).

The stable can now be used.

The pellets can then be distributed around the stable.

Provide the horse with hay.

The pellets can be used as a bottom layer in combination with straw.

First use

Periodic maintenance


The pellets must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place.

After 10-12 weeks, the stable can be emptied if necessary and re-filled with new pellets. This varies from horse to horse.

Remove the manure and/or wet patches.

Refill with pellets. Before adding a new bag, it must first be moistened. (see “First use”)

Mix the new litter with the old. As long as not all the pellets have been absorbed, there is still absorbency.

How it works

The benefits at a glance

For your horse

Soft and voluminous bedding.

Moisture absorption of 430%.

No odour nuisance, removes the smell of ammonia.

0% dust, ideal for horses with respiratory problems.

Less chance of hoof problems thanks to the dry bedding.

Labour-saving & cost-saving

Easy to use.

Low maintenance.

Less manure waste.

Very economical & long-term in use.

Environmentally friendly

PH neutral so does not acidify the soil.

100% natural product and biodegradable.